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Exterior Fiberglass Doors Are Beautiful And Durable

Exterior Door Made of Fiberglass

Exterior fiberglass doors are preferable to wood or steel for a number of reasons. Consumers can enjoy the look of textured wood or a smooth painted surface without the long term draw backs of weathering, dents, or other wear. Fiberglass requires no regular stain applications like wooden doors do, and need virtually no maintenance at all. These doors are energy efficient and secure, and they look great on the outside of the home, with or without screens.

Another Exterior Door Made of Fiberglass

The Rich Look Of Mahogany

The Pella 3-Panel Oval Red Mahogany Fiberglass Entry Door Unit is a beautiful example of the stylish options available. This door measures 37 ½ inches wide and meets or exceeds Energy Star requirements in all fifty states. It comes with a white aluminum frame kit, allowing for easy installation. The door has the look of rich mahogany without the maintenance that comes with it. A vertical oval window boasts a decorative combination of clear and frosted glass. You can purchase this door to be used in new construction or as a replacement for your current door. It is available at lowes.com for $1,435.24. It is item number 137922, and a visit to the site will help you find a store near you.

The Look Of Steel Without The Wear

If you prefer the look of a smooth, sleek steel door, you will love the ReliaBilt ¾ Oval Fiberglass Entry Door Unit. This is a solid white door that looks like steel but will never warp, rust, or dent. This makes fiberglass one of the most durable materials available for exterior doors with long lasting beauty and function. If you are planning a project around giving your front porch and entryway a new look, this is a great door for the task. It is 37 ¾ inches wide is pre-bored for a deadbolt and a lock set. The oval window is stunningly ornate. This door is item number 324689 at lowes.com, where it is priced at $330.00.

Choose The Wood Grain That Best Suits You

At source4doors.com, you will find the S1165 ThermaTru CCA234 Fiberglass Exterior Entry Door. This is a pre-hung door, meaning it comes with a door jamb, weather strip, threshold, hinges, and door sweep. It is pre-bored for the lock set and deadbolt, and it is ready for installation. The three vertical rectangular windows across the top feature a geometric stained glass design, and the door comes in seven wood grain finishes, including natural oak, English walnut, and cherry. It sells for $1,412.00, but prices may vary with the many options in sizes, features, and finish. If you are building a home, you can point your architect toward this door for installation, or it is makes a great replacement for remodel.

Energy Efficient And Attractive Options

Another great door available at source4doors.com, a site known for quality products for interior and exterior entryways, is the S-1287 ThermaTru FIM620 Fiberglass Exterior Entry Door. This door also comes in seven different wood grains and stains, and is available pre-hung for easy installation. This lightweight hollow core fiberglass door boasts a decorative rectangular window and is energy efficient, saving you money on your energy bills and aiding in the worldwide effort to conserve our natural resources. This door is priced at $741.46, with some price variations for size, finish, and features.

Dress Up Your Patio

The Masonite White Left 10-Lite Patio Door in Vinyl Frame is an attractive set of sliding doors available at sears.com. Each door features a vertical array of ten frosted windows, offering lots of light without a loss of privacy. This door includes polyurethane insulation, insulated tempered glass, and weather stripping for efficient energy savings, and it is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The vinyl frame is easy to clean and will never need a coat of paint. This product sells for $980.71 and is item number SPM6315007802.

Beautify Your Entry With A Decorative Window

At source4doors.com, you can choose a primed door and add the finish yourself or choose from the seven wood grain options. The S-1214 ThermaTru CCM902 Fiberglass Exterior Entry Door boasts a beautiful vertical rectangular window made of insulated tempered glass that is frosted and paned in a decorative design. You can purchase this door unfinished but ready to install for $413.71. Prices will vary with size variations and added features or finishes.

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storefront doors
Posted 543 days ago
Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think you have successfully pointed out the advantages of fiberglass doors over the others. What i like most about fiberglass doors is that they require low maintenance and energy efficient.
Posted 965 days ago
Not only do these fiberglass doors look great, but they are also great for your energy bills. They are filled with insulating foam that keep your home at the temperature you desire. Air doesn't leak out or in.
Posted 971 days ago
My new fiberglass entry door is the highlight of the front of my house. I went with the look of smooth, modern steel and painted it red. The stained glass style window accents it beautifully, and it's so easy to keep clean!
Posted 979 days ago
Fiberglass exterior doors are so easy to install. They often come prehung in their own door frame, so all you have to do is slip it into your rough opening and secure it. It's easier than wood or steel doors because they are so lightweight.
Posted 987 days ago
I can't believe the selection! I thought when I decided on fiberglass entry doors instead of steel or wood I would have only a few styles to choose from, but this just simply is not true.
Posted 995 days ago
I love fiberglass exterior doors. They last forever, they're really lightweight, and they look great. My latest purchase look like stained cherry, but they are far easier to open and close, and I'll never have to restain them.

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