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Many Rooms Can Benefit From 18 Inch Bifold Doors

18 In. x 80 In. Bifold Closet

When it comes to all the different options available in doors a person can get a little lost on what will work best for their project. They may want space saving styles such as sliding doors, mirrored doors, or doors that have pivot hinges. They may be looking for overall savings using coupons or large purchases that include windows, roofing or cabinets.

18 In. x 80 In. Bifold Composite Door

Other people are less concerned with savings than they are with the style, panel, or room the door is going to go in. There are a wide range of floor plans that can make selecting doors easy or tricky when they are going in the interior of a home. Other people are actually working on areas of their garage and are looking for a way to save on space and not skip the style No matter what kind of project you are shopping for there will be the right door for the job. Here are a few products to get you started on your search.

ReliaBilt 18" x 80" 6-Panel Hollow Molded Composite Interior Bifold Door Model: 13119

This is a fantastic and useful door to utilize bedroom space and function. You can find it easily online at lowes.com or at any of their stores. This model molded composite door has six panels and is light weight. Its wood is resilient to cracking, warping and shrinking. It comes with the track and all the hardware needed to install it for the price that is under forty dollars depending on where the store is located.

Home Fashion Technologies Plantation 3 in. Louvered/Panel Maple 18 in. x 80 in. Bi-Fold Composite Door

If you’re looking for a door with a little more character in it you should consider this door that is easily found at homedepot.com. The maple wood is nice for any closet and blends with the style of many different tastes. The higher quality of this door is reflected with the price $140.00. The top half of the door is plantation style paneling while the bottom half is solid making for a balanced design. This is a fantastic door to have in a garden setting.

Wood Classics Plantation Style 18 in. x 80 in. Teak Composite Bi-Fold Door with Louver

For very fashionable products a contractor may recommend this composite teak to go with your flooring or décor. One of the best features about this door is that it is very decorative and adds class to many styles, but it is also sturdy, making it a fine addition to any house. This item can be found at sears.com and its standard price is $155.00. It is resistant to warping along with cracking or other shaping problems. It comes with heavy duty hardware and tracking.

Home Fashion Technologies Plantation 3 in. Louver/Panel White 18 in. x 80 in. Bi-Fold Composite Door

Another winner from the home depot site is this fantastic door from the home fashion technologies company. It comes with its hardware sets and looks great with many different kinds of lighting. You can select from the white painting, to cherry, mahogany, walnut or golden oak. This door is simple to clean and can give your home a custom look in a matter of moments. It is reinforced with steel and can be purchased for about $114.00.

Hardware Express 524182 18 in. Classic Metal Bi-Fold Door in Ivory

This is a door that can stand up to the test of time and look good in any room of the home. It is made from enamel and 24” gauge steel making it able to be opened easily and not get easily broken down. The door comes in ivory which easily goes with many different home decors.

Masonite '' 6-Panel Textured Hardboard 1-3/8'' Bifold Door

If you’re looking for a classy door that will go perfect in your living room, bedroom or for your linen closet this Masonite bifold door is ideal. You can find it on amazon.com for just $45.00 plus shipping. Its shipping weight is 24 pounds and it comes with all the hardware and trackingneeded for easy installation. It has wood graining that makes it elegant as well as useful. It is ideal for homes of any style.

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Posted 1391 days ago
how do i order 18 inch reliabilt model 13119
Posted 1394 days ago
8-inch bifold closet doors are not as uncommon as they may seem. They come in different styles, like flat, paneled, and louvered, and you can choose steel, wood, wood composite, or fiberglass. Finish or paint them as you like and you have added a beautiful accent.
Posted 1403 days ago
My closet doorway in my bedroom is narrow, and actually so is my budget. I choose 18-inch bifold doors made of wood composite that looks like hardwood. I love them, and they're really easy to take care of.
Posted 1411 days ago
You don't have to put up with the ugly old closet doors that came with your house. Even if they're in great condition, their look may be dated and bringing down the look of your entire room. Home Depot, Lowes, and other retailers sell a variety of doors in the sizes and styles you need.
Posted 1417 days ago
Narrow closet doors can add just as much to a room as wide, dramatic doors. The ReliaBilt 6-panel hollow molded composite interior bifold door was just what we wanted. It came with everything we needed to install it and it looks great!
Posted 1425 days ago
We were afraid finding closet doors for our tiny closets was going to be a problem. The doorways are narrow, although the heights are standard. It turns out that there are several manufacturers who make 18-inch closet doors standard for homes like ours.

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