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Finding The 96 Inch Bifold Closet Doors That Works For You

96 Inches Closet Door

The standard size for most doors is 80 inches so when a door frame is at eight feet the door is considered custom. There are manufacturers that make both size doors but the ninety-six inch door will be a special order. When ordering doors online it is important to measure the cut-out if you are installing pre-hung doors. If the doors are replacing an existing door than it will be important to measure the door that is coming out to make sure the door going in will fit.

A 96 Inch Bifold Closet Door Sample

The Spectrum Accordion Door

Accordion folding doors can be made into any size that you need. They are lightweight and fold back out of the way for a closet. Although this is not the traditional bifold door it works in the same way. The Spectrum Express comes in a 36 inch wide by 96 inch long panel that is installed on tracks. The fruitwood is UV protected and has a clear varnish that protects against fading. The model number is EX3696F and can be purchased on line at homedepot.com. It is possible to trim these doors for a better fit. You will be able to find more information at spectrumdoors.com. The price for each panel is $131.00.

Jen-Weld Six Panel Molded Bifold Door

Although this door is not available in the catalogs Jen-Weld does carry this bifold door in ninety six inches. The five foot by eight foot bifold has six raised panels that give the door an outstanding appeal. The door comes primed in white and is paint ready. The model number is 05323 and information on these doors can be found at jeld-wen.com. Although the normal price on each panel is $94.98 the added height will cause an increase. This would be found on homedepot.com.

Pinecroft Louver Over Panel Bifold Door

The Pinecroft bifold door will come in sizes up to ninety six inches. These doors come with the needed hardware and track. The top of the door is louvered for ventilation while the bottom of the door is a raised panel. This attractive door will look nice on any closet. The Monterey door can come in clear wood or can be painted. More information on the door can be found at pinecroftwood.com. Ordering on line may be somewhat difficult because it is not a standard size but you can check with homedepot.com.

The Spectrum Oak According Door

The Spectrum Oak door is beautifully handcrafted and designed to work as folding doors. The two panels when closed give an appearance of a warm inviting room. Two doors will fit up to six feet wide and will come in an eight foot length. The door material is an oak colored vinyl that is very durable. Information of the accordion doors can be found at spectrumdoors.com. The model number for this door is EX3696K and can be ordered online at homedepot.com. The cost of this door is $128.00 per panel.

Masonite Glenview Three Panel Door

This is part of Masonite’s anniversary collection that has the classic designs for which they are known for they are composite wood and comes either hollow or with a sound proof core. These doors can be painted and come in a white primer. The track and hardware is included with the doors. The panels are thirty inches wide and special ordering is needed for a ninety-six inch height but is available. The model number is 10515 and more information regarding the doors can be found at masonite.com. The cost per panel is $57.00 each and standard sizes can be ordered on line at homedepot.com.

Home Fashion Technologies Plantation Doors

This style is a definite when you want to have a custom look. The plantation doors have louvers on the top and a panel on the bottom. The stylish door has three inch louvers are specially made to fit this type of door and will look anywhere. The doors are constructed of wood fiber and polymer and are resistant to mold and mildew. They clean very easily. The model number is 7402880100 and can be found online at homedepot.com. Although they carry the standard size, the 96 inch is readily available. More information can be found at homefashiontech.com.

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Posted 1003 days ago
Bifold doors are as decorative as they are functional. Our closets are very high and they demand 96 inch doors, which we found at Home Depot. We paid a little more, but the doors are beautiful!
Posted 1012 days ago
Of course, you'll see a price difference between 80-inch and 96-inch doors, but you don't have to pay too much of a premium if you buy your doors that come in 96 inches as standard. Don't get talked into special ordering your closet doors.
Posted 1017 days ago
When we moved into our home, the high ceilings were a huge selling point, but we panicked when we first started looking for closet doors for our 96-inch openings. We found the Pinecroft Louver Over Panel Bifold Door. It fits beautifully and is absolutely charming.
Posted 1025 days ago
I've always had good luck with Jeld-Wen products, and the Jeld-Wen Six Panel Molded Bifold Door is no exception. I could buy it in the 96-inch model, which is not easy to find, and it came primed and ready to paint.
Posted 1034 days ago
It's really easy to find 80-inch closet doors, but we need 96-inch doors. While it may be inconvenient, it certainly isn't impossible to find 96-inch bifold doors, and the result is a really attractive, somewhat dramatic addition to your bedroom.

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