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Replacement Mirrored Closet Doors Are Available In A Variety Of Styles

Replacement Closet Door

Whether you are just moving into a new home or looking for economical ways to brighten your current rooms, you will find the adding a new set of closet doors to a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen can make a huge difference. Mirrors and glass insets will give any room a sense of light and space as well without actually moving any walls or making structural changes at all. There are lots of options available through a variety of reputable retailers, so you will have no problem finding styles and designs that work with your sense of décor, whether you lean toward the traditional or the modern. Painting your doors or adding decorative handles and levers can further customize your overall look.

Mirror Closet Door For Replacement Parts

The Impact Plus Beveled Mirrored Sliding Closet Door, available at the Home Depot, is literally a sliding mirror. The mirror is laminated to the front of a 3-millimeter Malamine surface for quality and durability. Frames are lightweight, making it very easy to slide each door along its track. Each door panel is available in three different sizes: 48 inches wide by 80 inches high, 60 by 80, and 72 by 80. Prices vary from $257.00 to $339.00 depending on the size of the door you order. Generally bought in pairs, these doors make decorative bypass doors for any bedroom.

At amazon.com, you will find a set of Solid Wood Closet Doors with Frosted Glass. These discount closet doors are French style doors with decorative European hinges and nickel handles. The tempered glass is durable and safe, and the wooden frames around the glass are finished in a rich cherry shade. The oak door panels measure 36 inches high by 26 inches wide, and the set comes with all necessary hardware for installation. You can purchase these doors for $127.89.

The 415 Series Steel framed Espresso Laminated Mirrored Bi-Pass Door features a deep espresso colored frame for dramatic appeal. The exterior of these doors are laminated with 3-millimeter mirrored glass, and the nylon rollers are made to glide silently along the track. The set fits a rough opening of 71 inches wide by 80 inches high, and is item number 244724. You can also choose one two other smaller sizes if needed. This product comes from the specialty company, Home Décor Innov, and is sold at doitbest.com for $184.99. These are bypass sliding closet doors for bedrooms, but they would be at home in any room of the house.

The Home Depot is a great resource for a variety of home furnishings, and specifically, for doors. Whether you are seeking interior closet doors or exterior doors in wood or fiberglass, Home Depot is a great place to start. For example, The 2000 Series TRUporte Cherry 1-Lite Composite Universal/Reversible Grand Bypass Door is made of a durable and economical wood substrate with a lustrous cherry finish. It fits a standard opening of 60 inches wide by 80 inches high. The doors come fully assembled and ready to install; homeowners will enjoy the beautifully molded frames and the quiet nylon rollers that glide smoothly along the track. You can purchase this set for $299.00 at homedepot.com.

A great resource to find products that boast great value at discount prices is nGap Government Exchange, found at ngap.com. Here you will find the White Framed Mirrored Wardrobe Door, featuring a white steel frame and a 3-millimeter safety-backed mirror. This is a sliding door that comes complete all of its necessary hardware for easy installation. It is made to fit standard openings that are 80 to 81 inches high. You can purchase this product for $158.83; it is item number 833171.

Not all mirrored closet doors are sliding bypass doors. At doitbest.com, you will find the the 4400 White Bifold Door. This is a 4 panel door, but there are 6 panel bifold closet doors available as well. This door comes prehung for easy installation and fits a rough opening of 24 inches wide by 80 inches high; larger models are available as well. You can order item number 24-8278 for $104.99. Prices vary if you order larger sizes; a variety of dimensions are offered so you can achieve a custom fit.

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Posted 1155 days ago
Replacement mirror closet doors kill many birds with one stone. They update the look of your room, they give you the necessary mirror space, and the reflective glass opens up the room and gives it more light and an illusion of space.
Posted 1163 days ago
Replacement mirrored closet doors are all about the mirrors. With some, you really don't see any frame at all. It's still an important detail, though, and you need to consider what will look best in your room: steel, vinyl, fiberglass, or wood.
Posted 1170 days ago
Buying replacement closet doors is easy; the key is careful measuring. Today's doors can be found at a lot of different retailers and they come with all the hardware you need to install them. It becomes a case of sliding one door out and sliding the replacement door in.
Posted 1178 days ago
My apartment rooms are really small, and there was no good place to hang a mirror, so I replaced the closet door with a mirrored door. It serves two purposes at once, making it a decorative space saver.
Posted 1184 days ago
Our house had hard wood closet doors. When the first one started to wear out, we took the opportunity and replaced all of them with mirrored closet doors, and they transformed the style of our entire house.

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