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Find Folding Closet Doors At Home Depot

Home Depot Folding Doors

If you have decided to spruce up your bedroom with a new coat of paint and some new curtains why not change out the closet doors as an added feature? Closet doors come in a variety of styles that can enhance any room. There are many manufacturers of doors and most will be able to offer you different styles, but the construction of the door is important. Folding closet doors from home depot are ideal for smaller rooms and allow for the full view of the closet. These can be beveled with a mirror, louvered, solid, or paneled depending on what your preference for design is.

One Of The Variety Of Folding Closet Door From Home Depot

There are many factors that will go into selecting a folding door set from home depot. For some people these options will include whether they want wood, plastic, custom or if they want to take advantage of a sale. Still other people are concerned about knobs and if the door will look good regarding their windows, kitchen, cabinets or furniture. If exterior doors are also being shopped for then considering how it might look in the garden, if it’s heavy or hollow, and what locks will go into the purchase.

Spectrum Fusion 32 in. x 80 in. Light Wood Folding Door

Another lovely sliding door that is perfect for a closet opening. This door can be found as model # PRFUS3280LW on homedepot.com for $68.00. It comes with all the metal hardware you’ll need to install it in any bedroom of your house. It is one of the simplest products you can find for your home. The door is very quiet and you can use two of them for a wider frame, leaving you more options. It comes with a 10 year warranty and the steel is durable for long lasting wear.

The Spectrum Express One 48 in. X 96 in White Folding Door

This door is a heck of a space saver and still has an appealing design. It can be found at homedepot.com and is model EX4896WH and then purchased for $162.00. It is easy to install and comes with everything you need to get it into its place. Because it is white it will go with any décor and looks good for a long period of time. You’ll not only have a fashionable style in for your closet door, but you’ll also make more room within your home.

Spectrum Express One 48 in. x 96 in Folding Door Oak Accordion Folding Door

This is another perfect door for those who are looking to conserve space within their home. The oak color makes it fashionable for many who are looking for a door in any room of their home. Many people like to use these doors for living room closets. It is model #EX4896K and can be found at www.homedepot.com. The door is easy to trim to fit smaller openings for doors and just as easy to install. The cost for these easy to install door is $159.00.

Spectrum Ellington 32 x 80 Rustic Oak Folding Door

When it comes to some of the best doors for the price you should consider Model # PREL3280RO from homedepot.com for $98.00. The door is both universal and reversible. It is very classy and looks great for a hall closet or a bedroom closet. The channel is a snap lock that makes it maintenance free and glides quietly.

Masonite Molded Panel Round Topped Bi-fold Doors

The Masonite Molded Panel is made of all composite wood. It is a more durable door that resists warping and cracking. The tracking and hardware are included with the door. It comes in standard sizes and is white. The model number is 11055 and more information can be found at homedepot.com has this door for those who are looking for something that has a little more weight and durability than a typical accordion style folding door. This design has raised panels with the top panels being rounded. The price per panel is $55.00 each.

Spectrum Contempra 36 in x 80 in Vinyl Sand-White Folding Door

One of the least expensive yet still highly functional doors offered at homedepot.com for $34.00 under model #HCT3280T. This door is one of the most contemporary doors that you can find in the accordion door style. It comes with all the hardware needed for installation at a fraction of the cost of the other doors offered. It is durable and has several reviews from customers testifying to its stability.

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Posted 1343 days ago
Home Depot offers a variety of folding closet doors. I found it easy to pick out something that I liked, and because it was Home Depot, I knew I could count on the quality of my doors.
Posted 1351 days ago
The Spectrum Express Oak Accordion Folding Door looks great in my bedroom and my bathroom, and I have more available space now because they need no room for opening and closing. They just fold up on themselves and rest against the door jamb.
Posted 1359 days ago
We're updating an old bungalow, and every bedroom has folding closet doors. We wanted to update without taking away from the charm, so we replaced them with quality folding closet doors from Home Depot. They look great and we could afford the purchase.
Posted 1367 days ago
I love shopping at Home Depot. I go there first for anything I think they may sell, so I was pretty excited to know that they have a wide variety of folding closet doors. I went with the Spectrum Contempra Vinyl Closet Door. It looks great and it's really easy to clean.
Posted 1373 days ago
Spectrum and Masonite are both great brands and they're both sold at Home Depot. You know that whatever style you pick out, you'll get a great closet door that's going to withstand the test of time.

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