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Nuporte Offers Quality Closet Doors At Reasonable Prices

Sliding Glass Door From Nuporte

Nuporte sliding closet doors are available exclusively at Home Depot stores and on their website. When you visit homedepot.ca, you will find several available styles, and are sure to find the right product for you. These doors are delivered to your home, ready to assemble and install, and will instantly beautify your bedroom, bath, laundry room, kitchen, or any other room where they are used. Among retailers that sell home furnishings, Home Depot is known for exemplary service and their quality products.

Nuporte's Sliding Door Made By Glass

The Luxury Of Cherry Wood

The Nuporte Cherry 1-Lite Bi-Pass Closet Doors are a great example of the contemporary beauty available through this manufacturer. The doors of a durable wood substrate with a rich cherry wood grain finish. Each of the two sliding doors features a full length pane of frosted glass. They come equipped with all necessary hardware, matching fascia, and rollers so all you need is a few household tools to install these doors in your home. This set of sliding doors has received excellent reviews from other consumers, and you can purchase them for $349.99. The model number is 249251.

Another option in the Nuporte cherry wood grain series is the Nuporte Cherry 1-Linte Bi-pass Closet Doors that fit into a narrower rough opening for a smaller space. They would look great in the entry to your pantry or linen closet. They feature the same frosted glass panes and the same rich cherry look, but are only 49 inches wide. This popular set of doors sells for $299.99 and is model number 249250. Use them alone or as a complement to the larger set of doors.

Brighten Any Room With Bright White

If you prefer to accessorize your home using lighter options, you will love the Nuporte 1-Lite Bi-Pass Closet Doors in white. These interior doors again boast full length panes of frosted glass, framed in wood substrate. However, these doors feature white frames and a white door jamb. Great for brightening any room, these doors are easy to clean and care for. You can add a new look to your room by turning on a colored light behind the frosted glass panes. The set measures 81 inches tall by 61 inches wide. This set of closet doors is model number 249253; you must visit your local store for information regarding prices.

The Deep Dramatic Look Of Shoji Screens

Like the cherry wood grain set, the white set of closet doors also is available in two different sizing options, so you can choose the set that best suits your particular needs. The smaller set measures 49 inches wide by 81 inches high, making them a great choice for a smaller room, an apartment, or a motorhome. In these kinds of environments, sliding doors are far better than bifold doors because they take no extra space outside of the closet. The Nuporte 1-Lite Bi-Pass Closet Doors in white that measure 49 inches wide are available in Home Depot stores and are model number 249254.

You can add the look and design of a Japanese Shoji screen with the Nuporte 5-Lite Bi-Pass Closet Doors with separate panes of frosted glass. Unlike its former counterparts, these doors do not feature large, full length panes of glass, but rather five rectangular panes in a vertical column on each door. You still enjoy the same durable substrate and rich cherry finish, but the panes of glass and cherry framework adds a little extra character. This set of closet doors are sold in stores only; you must visit your local store for pricing information; it is model number 249277.

Frosted Glass Lite Bi-Pass Closet Doors

The Nuporte 5-Lite Bi-Pass Closet Doors that feature these same panes of frosted glass are also available in the narrower version, one that measures only 49 inches wide. The same espresso shade is used on this durable, quality set of doors, but this set is used in a smaller space. Prices on Nuporte closet doors are particularly reasonable because they are made of wood substrate instead hard wood. This material is strong and durable and can be painted or stained to create the look you most desire. No one will ever know your Nuporte closet doors are not made of real wood. This set is only sold in stores, and pricing will be available there. The model number is 249278.

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Joe Dirt
Posted 1219 days ago
I am currently in the middle of building outdoor decks for homes. I have been looking for a place where I can buy all of my supplies through one company so I know where to go at all times. I am wondering if any of you have a place you prefer over others?
Posted 1399 days ago
We went with Nuporte closet doors for all the rooms in our new house because they are reasonably priced without looking cheap. They come with all the hardware you need to install them, and they look great.
Posted 1409 days ago
Nuporte closet doors are great for a few reasons: first, they are made of quality materials that last; second, the price is right; and third, they come in many different styles and colors so you can enjoy traditional wood grain or bright white.
Posted 1415 days ago
The wife loves all things Asian. While I'm not willing to do up my home in parchment paper and bamboo, I did replace our closet doors with the Nuporte 5-Linte Bypass Closet Doors. The frosted glass is like the Shoji parchment paper look, and the wood frames are really elegant.
Posted 1424 days ago
I love the Nuporte Cherry 1-Lite Bypass Closet Doors. These doors are so stylish, they enhanced the look of my bedroom. In fact, I loved them so much, I added a set to my linen closet and my kitchen pantry!
Posted 1429 days ago
Nuporte closet doors are sold exclusively at Home Depot, I believe. They're the perfect example of the quality that you can count on when you shop at Home Depot. Anyone who has ever completed a project with their help knows they can count on quality and value.

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